We make warranties simple.

Everyone loves a warranty—until it comes time to use it. Then, typically, the resistance starts, and the hassle.

At Broadway, we think warranties should be clear cut, and convenient. We don’t think that’s old-fashioned. It’s actually forward-thinking.

Our Approach

We handle your warranty ourselves. If you ever need to take advantage of the warranty, we won’t ask you to call the manufacturer. We’ll handle it for you, and get whatever your warranty promises, directly from them and directly to you. It’s that simple.

Warranty Options

The length of your warranty is important, and there are often factors that can help you get more years of protection.

  • Are you prepared to use all fixtures from the same manufacturer? We can get you more years.
  • Are you a government entity? Your warranty is even longer.
  • Don’t think there’s a warranty on the lamp or ballast you want? Ask us, because there might be.

At Broadway Lighting, we like to think we’re the warranty experts. When you’re ready to take the next step on your lighting needs, make sure you ask us how many years of protection you can expect.

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Are you interested in a 3-5 year warranty, or even longer? Broadway can help you get it.

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