Broadway supports you nationwide.

Broadway Lights believes in the power of distribution. We know that providers like FedEx and UPS have practically made the world a smaller place, and distances seem shorter as a result.

We harness the power of nationwide distribution to meet your lighting needs, no matter what you need, how much, or (usually) how quickly you need it.

What Broadway offers

You can count on Broadway to offer you the finest in customer service and support nationwide, including benefits such as:

  • Same-day delivery (locally within North and South Carolina).
  • Next-day or same day delivery within North and South Carolina, and 2-3 day shipments within the Continental United States.
  • Centralized invoicing.
  • Invoicing only after satisfactory delivery (just-in-time invoicing).
  • Multi-point delivery from a single order.
  • Exceptional warranties with a simple process.

Online ordering capabilities

Broadway is also proud to offer our customers the ability to order online through our Customer Portal. We make it simple for you by giving you secure, login access to the products you need to light your business. Ordering and reordering is as simple as logging in and requesting the lighting products you need.

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Broadway Lights offers superior distribution services and customer support.

Broadway Lights offers nationwide distribution throughout the United Sates.