Turn your old lights green.

As sustainability and green business practices become more important, Broadway offers you a way to be responsible.

Most light lamps are simply thrown away, but we offer a range of recycling services that can help you meet EPA standards, or simply take better care of the environment. As legislation changes in the future, you may even be required to recycle. We can help you transition now.


Recycling makes the world a brighter place.

You’re probably familiar with the benefits of recycling when it comes to your company’s paper usage. Recycling for your lamps, ballast and fixtures has similar benefits.

Recycled lighting reduces the need for virgin materials, and keeps complex materials out of landfills. It reduces the potential for releasing harmful waste into the environment, and gives your customers more confidence that you are doing your part to take responsibility of your resources.

At Broadway, we use and offer the lowest mercury-content lamps in the industry. We follow EPAC standards, and—when our customers ask for it—we recycle at nationally certified EPA facilities. We also work with local and national clients to offer documentation.

When you’re ready to talk about recycling, contact us for some complimentary recommendations on how you could do your part.

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Broadway knows lighting.

Broadway Lights offers lighting expertise, products, and installation for customers across the United States. We supply companies of all sizes with expert advice on retrofits, lighting strategy and education on new trends and options in lighting that can save both energy and money.

We offer a full inventory of lighting fixtures, lamps and accessories, and we’re committed to on-time delivery and hassle-free warranties. Most of our products are available same day or next day, and we always stand behind the quality of our service.

Broadway Lights is proud to be a certified woman-owned company.

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